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Welcome to which is operated by Education Advisers Ltd We aim to advise international parents on the choice of the best private schools. We focus primarily on UK Boarding Schools but we also cover a range of international private schools in selected countries, provided that pupils are taught in the English language. We only advise on private schools, independent schools and private sixth form colleges – i.e those schools which charge fees for tuition.

This website carries a very large database of private boarding schools – note – day schools are covered in our other website You can use the Find a School section to search for private boarding schools in your target location and if you wish, then request prospectuses direct from the school. However, a large proportion of parents prefer to use the advice of our own team of experts, all of whom have many years of first hand knowledge of the best private schools. Indeed, Education Advisers Ltd is renowned for being the only UK company to publish accurate and comprehensive league tables of UK private schools.

Parents need to be aware that applications to the very best academic UK private schools often need to be made more than one year in advance of admission – and in special cases such as Eton, Winchester or Wycombe Abbey, you need to be applying more than 3 years in advance. For these top schools we strongly recommend that we arrange private tuition to prepare your child for the highly selective admissions tests. By way of contrast, we can always get admissions to other good academic UK boarding schools, often at short notice and sometimes without testing. Additionally there are always places for children of mixed ability or those with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

There is much free information about private education on this site to assist with your choice of school. You can download various eGuides for a nominal price, such as a comprehensive eGuide on School Selection and Visit Questionnaire. However, note that this particular comprehensive eGuide is given to Bespoke Advice Clients without further charge.

We welcome all enquiries either by phone to +44 (0) 1622 813870 or on the email forms on site or to

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