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Tuition and assessment for top school entry tests

The majority of Top UK senior boarding schools will require your child to pass entrance tests as well as be interviewed in order to consider them for admission. As a generalisation these tests would be used by all schools in the top half of the league tables which we publish on this site. Below the halfway point there are a few non selective schools which might consider admission on the basis of references from the previous school and say three years school reports.

Entrance tests vary by school and age group. At ages 11 and 13, they are generally called the Common Entrance Test. They may be a standard test or one set by a group of schools or set individually by one school. In any case each school sets its own pass mark – the more selective (academically) the higher the required score. At age 16 entry there are different requirements. For example, most schools will require a minimum of 6 grade Bs in GCSEs – some now asking for As in the subjects to be taken at A level. On top of this some schools will additionally require tests in the subjects to be taken in the sixth form and this includes the IB Diploma Programme.

If you are applying for a scholarship, then there will be separate tests or auditions for those.

Never underestimate the importance or timing of entrance tests. Most will be taken between 6 to 9 months before entry. It is prudent to prepare for them. There are private preparatory schools in the UK which specialise in preparing children to pass the entry exams of chosen senior schools, but even then your child may benefit from additional tuition.

Elite school preparation (Top 10 Schools)

There are a small number of elite schools, where not only is it necessary to apply several years in advance (even up to 5 years ahead), but the pupil may be required to sit “pre-assessment tests or interviews” a year or more before the actual admissions tests. These include schools such as Eton, Harrow, St Paul’s, Westminster, Winchester and Wycombe Abbey. Children can be tutored for these tests – BUT more importantly you should seriously consider having your child assessed to determine if he / she is likely to be acceptable to the target school. There is little point in stressing a child who is never going to be suited to a high pressure academic environment, when we can find them a far more suitable school. We offer an assessment service carried out by Senior Tutors who are ex pupils of Eton and Harrow – ask us for details on +44 (0) 1622 813870.

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