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Education Advisers Ltd offers a full advice service by our school and University specialists, who can guide you through the maze of hundreds of private schools to establish the ones perfectly suited to your child and your aspirations. We can communicate with you by phone or email or SKYPE video conference or personal meeting at our two UK offices.

What does our advice service offer?

A typical assignment covers

First Stage

  • Initial consultation on your requirements
  • Full background check on your child’s school and academic progress to date
  • Discussion on school choice factors including co-ed or single sex, curriculum options, success record (academic record or leaver destinations), religious requirements, specific academic subjects, boarding style, extra curricular strengths, location and many other factors
  • A frank discussion on your child’s ability to meet admissions criteria of target school
  • The ethos / culture which you prefer in a school
  • Your budgetary limitations on maximum fees , if any.
  • Second Stage

  • Our initial research into all suitable schools including their vacancy position
  • Provision to you of initial list of schools including hyperlinks to their websites
  • Detailed discussion on the list to mutually refine it to a short list for you to visit
  • We advise you on optimum visit programme but usually leave it to you to fix the times
  • Provision of questionnaire to use for comparison and our eGuide to help you make your decision
  • Further discussion to identify your chosen schools and likely success in admissions process
  • Introduction to private tutor for test prepping where desired
  • NOTE : We are always impartial in school choice advice whereas most international education agencies only work for a limited panel of schools paying them high commission. This also means they rarely recommend top academic schools, because many of the top schools refuse to deal with agents.

    How do you use our bespoke service?

    Most consultations start with a free initial consultation of up to 30 minutes to discuss your requirements and outline the placement process. This then moves on to our comprehensive placement service, in which phase we will give you specific school recommendations. In some cases this may be free of charge for a limited range of boarding schools or private sixth form colleges. In others there may be a consultancy fee. By submitting the form (click on link at bottom of this page) or phoning us on +44 (0) 1732 368767 you do not incur any fees, but it enables us to assess your case and move forward to the free initial consultation phase at which point we will supply you with written terms and conditions and our basis for completion of your assignment.

    Note also that:

    1. We only do FREE placements where we are acting exclusively (no other education consultants involved or direct approaches being made to schools)
    2. If an assignment for placement is more than 15 months in advance of the start date, we require fees on the above rates.
    3. We do not guarantee admissions. That depends on your child passing the admissions criteria of the school.
    4. We do not accompany parents on school visits unless specifically requested when it is charged at the above hourly rate + travel expenses.

    Note that we will obviously consider the schools on this website, but a number will have waiting lists or extremely high entry criteria. Therefore, please answer all questions as to your requirements. All boxes should be completed, even if to say not relevant.

    We do not share your personal details with other organisations, except schools and colleges to which we may refer you. Additionally your details will be used by our school placement consultants (whether employed or subcontracted) solely for the purpose of advice on school choice. By accepting our Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to the use of your personal data in this way.

    Quick link to Enquiry form