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Please complete as many details as possible on the attached form. We expect to be able to help more than 95% of serious enquirers. If we are confident of solving your school choice, we will email you back or phone within 2 working days to tell you our thoughts, request any further details and explain how to pay the registration fee. See the accompanying section for details of any additional fees. More than 50% of cases are free after the initial registration fee.







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Current school

Academic progress in last 2 years (please email latest school report)

Your relationship to the children (parent, school teacher etc)

Does the child have a visa to study in the UK?

Is English tuition needed?

What criteria do you most seek in the required school

Special interests

I have read the terms of this placement service below and I understand that there is a fee for advice.

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Our terms and conditions

I understand that Education Advisers may require a consultancy fee payable in advance before work commences.

EA does not guarantee admissions – that depends on your child passing the school’s entrance tests.

EA does not undertake placements where the parent is using other education consultants or approaching schools direct.