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This website is aimed at international parents or British ex patriates overseas. Therefore we only list the 400+ UK Boarding Schools (by our definition) as opposed to the 700+ with some form of boarding provision. There are more than 2000 UK private schools and thus if you are seeking a day school, we recommend you use our other website:

Sometimes international parents are relocating to the UK. Often they regard their children’s schooling as the most important decision and we are frequently asked to find the best day schools after which the parents will seek a house close to the school. We have a joint venture with County Homesearch, the UK’s largest relocation consultant, whereby they find the house while we find the school. Contact us on +44 (0) 1622 813870 if you need expert house advice.

In the UK , State Schools have “catchment areas” i.e you need to live within a given radius of a school location to be considered. There are no such things as catchment areas for private schools – it’s simply a matter of practicality in getting your child to school. At age 7 or 8 , you really don’t need to be more than 5 miles from a prep school, when you are doing the school run twice per day through rush hour traffic. By age 16 , many parents might live up to 20 miles from the school.

Note – we can always advise you on day school choice in return for a consultancy fee.