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The majority of UK private schools are co-educational. Indeed , there are numerous headmasters who maintain that it is unwise and unnatural to teach children any other way.

Notwithstanding this, there are a significant proportion of parents who would prefer to send their children to single sex schools, particularly with girls. Many international parents have religious or cultural reasons for wanting single sex education. Others believe that girls and boys learn better in single sex schools – and they are absolutely right. You only have to examine the Top 20 UK private schools for 2010 on our website to see that 11 out of the top 20 were girls only, 8 were boys only and 1 was co-ed

There are less than 15 boys only boarding schools (with leading public schools like Eton, Winchester and Harrow) but there are more than 75 girls only boarding schools, which is a measure of parental demand. Many are situated in safe, secure, glorious countryside campuses – so it always easy for us to find you a good selection.

There are number of variants on girls only education. A number of girls schools have adopted co-ed sixth forms to get the girls used to the outside world and the fact that nearly all universities are co-ed. Most girls schools have arrangements with boys schools for joint social functions of drama productions.

There is also a form of combined co-ed and single sex school known as the diamond principle. In this the preparatory (junior) element of the school is co-ed, then the sexes are taught separately between 11 and 16 before coming back to a co-ed sixth form.

We believe that is not appropriate to take sides in the arguments, but to act on the wishes of the parents. Let us know your preference and we will find it for you.